Takosha M. Swan



Origin: Ohio

Genre: Jazzy & Classical Soul

Years Active: 1995 - Present

Label: Voice of a Swan, LLC

Official Websites: TakoshaSwan.Com

Taosha Swan was born has the voice of a graceful swan. She graces and serves the stage with the peace that is in her heart. Her voice was created to heal and she has built and grown her inner instrument to do exactly what it was created to do.  She is a lover of life and people and with her jazzy and classical touch her voice pierces the souls of those that hear her voice.......Evey Time..

As a BusinessWoman in her own right, with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business, she is always professional & Loving, ALL at the same TIME.

Healing Through Music

Takosha Swan
The Alpharetta Symphony Orchestra

The Veteran Anthem video: Singer Composer & Executive Producer: Takosha Swan